The Pop-up @ OGT

In May 2019, Friends of Greenbelt Theatre installed a “Pop-up” cinema in the storefront next door to the historic cinema at 125 Centerway. The Pop-up at Old Greenbelt Theatre officially opened on July 3, 2019. 

Pop-up: (adjective) denoting a store or other business that opens quickly in a temporary location and is intended to operate for only a short period of time.

The Pop-up at the Old Greenbelt Theatre is a 40-seat microcinema, with a temporary buildout of draperies, plush chairs, and cup holders, combined with sound baffling and acoustic paneling to improve sound quality. The Pop-up will continue to operate through the 2019/2020 Oscar season so that we can get through this fall and winter movie bonanza with twice the films, twice the Oscar nominees, and twice the special programs. 

In Spring 2020, we will temporarily close the Pop-up to fully renovate 125 Centerway into a permanent, state-of-the-art screening room and educational space to be home to our Media Arts Literacy Lab. This project is collectively known as our Beyond the Screen Initiative.

Where do I get my tickets and concessions if I’m seeing a show in the Pop-up?

If you are planning to see a film in the Pop-up, you will still purchase your ticket and concessions in our historic theater at 129 Centerway. After you have picked up your ticket and concessions, you will exit the doors to the right of the ticket booth, turn right on our patio, and enter the storefront at 125 Centerway. An usher will check your ticket to ensure you are in the correct screening space, then you can enjoy the show.

We recommend purchasing online tickets for showtimes in the Pop-up, as it is limited to 40 seats. If you purchase tickets online and do not wish to purchase concessions, you can use your emailed ticket confirmation to gain admission to the Pop-up.

Should I pre-purchase my tickets?

Yes! While we will put the films we anticipate to be popular in our main auditorium, Pop-up audiences are limited to our 40 seats. If you want to be guaranteed a seat, we do encourage you to purchase tickets online or in-person at the theater in advance of the showtime you wish to attend.

Does my membership at OGT apply to showtimes in the Pop-up?

Yes! OGT members will continue to enjoy $6.50 tickets for all showtimes, regardless of screening location.

Are there restrooms in the Pop-up?

There are two restrooms available in the Pop-up (including one that is wheelchair-accessible), but neither restroom has been fully renovated. Guests attending showtimes in the Pop-up may also use the restrooms in the main theater.

Will the Pop-up have hearing/visual assistance like the main auditorium?

The Pop-up is fully ADA compliant, like our main building. We have installed new technology next door that will allow us to provide the same accommodations that exist in our main auditorium with closed captioning, audio amplification, and descriptive video service. You’ll continue to request these devices at our concessions stand.* 

*Accessibility features are always dependent on what the distributor provides to us with the film. What is available is always listed on the film’s page on our site and in our weekly showtimes email (scroll down to “Get Our Emails” to sign up).

Is the Pop-up wheelchair accessible?

The Pop-up is fully ADA compliant, like our main building. There are wheelchair spots available in the Pop-up cinema, and the primary bathroom is wheelchair accessible.

What is the timeline for converting the Pop-up into a permanent microcinema?
  • November 2019: Main auditorium re-opened, and the Pop-up continues operations. 
  • Spring 2020: The Pop-up closes for renovations for permanent build-out.
  • Fall 2020: Screening Room and Media Arts Literacy Lab officially opens. OGT is now a two-screen theater!
Can I rent the Pop-up for my event?

Yes! The Pop-up is a wonderful space for personal events. We regularly host birthday parties, anniversary parties, and private film viewings. Our policies and procedures are on this page. If you have an event in mind, please fill out a rental inquiry form at the bottom of this page.