Old Greenbelt Theatre is proud to present our new series How to Resist, Then & Now: Cinema & Politics in partnership with the Clarice Center for Performing Arts and Indivisible. These films and discussions aim to educate, inspire, and reinforce the importance of taking action to make positive change in our society and in the world. Each screening will feature films, a post-screening discussion of each topic, and ways to get involved. This series complements the Do Good Dialogues which will take place at the Clarice Center For Performing Arts this season. To learn more about the Do Good Dialogues click here.

Our last event in this series (Monday, 4/2 at 8pm) will explore the ways in which we can contribute to our society to make a difference and resist injustice. We will be featuring two 16mm films from our archive. Descriptions for the films can be found below. Free and open to the public.

Films from our archive:

THE DETACHED AMERICANS 1964 32min sd b&w 16mm
Dramatizes real incidents in which Americans stood by and refused to heed the cry for help. Points up some of the reasons for this lack of involvement on the part of citizens.

WHAT CAN I DO? 1975 22min sci color 16mm
A practical film about responsible, personal, political, and social action. It shows how the average citizen can make his voice heard, his influence felt, his vote count, and to bring about change by becoming involved and participating in our system of government.