Friends of Greenbelt Theatre

Friends of Greenbelt Theatre

Friends of Greenbelt Theatre (FGT) is a registered 501c3 non-profit organization managed by a Board of Directors made up of Greenbelt residents and regional representatives who are all dedicated to diverse entertainment and educational cinematic experiences.

FGT was awarded a contract by the City of Greenbelt in Spring 2015 to manage the operations of the Greenbelt Theatre as a community based non-profit.

Our mission is to become a center for film culture in Prince George’s County by revitalizing the Greenbelt Theatre as a cultural and social hub and by maximizing the Theatre’s potential as an economic and cultural driver.

This mission relies on a vibrant programming schedule of independent, art house, repertory, and educational content. We believe that running the Theatre as a non-profit will make the theater more modern, nimble, and more able to respond quickly to industry and community needs and concerns. That this model represents a return to pioneer Greenbelt ideals is, in our view, a heartening endorsement of those ideals, which in many ways are more modern than ever.

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FGT Board Members

Cathy Jones, Chair, is a National Board Certified Teacher of Mathematics and Theory of Knowledge in the International Baccalaureate Program at the Frederick Douglass High School in Upper Marlboro (PGCPS).  She has been a Greenbelt resident since 2005.

Michael Bloom is a former artistic director of Cleveland Play House. He is now a free-lance theatre director. His productions can be seen at Olney Theatre, Mosaic Theatre of Washington, and other theatres around the country. Dr. Bloom has taught at NYU, Harvard, and University of Texas, Austin. He is author of Thinking Like A Director. 

Supratik Chaudhuri works as Consulting Partner and Head of Digital Services at a leading IT consulting firm. An avid cinephile, his extended family and friends have included several who have been/are engaged in the Indian film industry, both arthouse and commercial. He lives in Greenbelt with his wife and two kids.

Dr. Caitlin McGrath is the Executive Director of Old Greenbelt Theatre and also sits on the FGT board. Caitlin received a PhD in Cinema and Media Studies from the University of Chicago in 2010. She has been a resident of Greenbelt since 2011. In 2013, she revived the Friends of Greenbelt Theatre, which was then incorporated and achieved non-profit status in 2014. Her vision for the Theatre is to transform it into a center for film culture in Prince George’s County.

Tim Murray has been a Criminal Justice reform advocate for over 45 years. Tim was born and raised in Greenbelt & returned here (after an extended absence) 5 years ago. Despite his best efforts to retire, he currently serves as Director Emeritus of the Pretrial Justice Institute, an organization he founded, and as Senior Advisor to the MacArthur Foundation, supporting their efforts to reduce the overuse of jails in America.

Heather Passchier is a partnerships manager for a federal public land management agency. Her interests are in creating close-to-home community connections with the outdoors, cultural sites, and the arts. Heather has lived in Greenbelt since 2011.