What Happened 2 Chocolate City?

Director: Mignotae Kebede

2018, 1 hr 45 min

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What Happened 2 Chocolate City is a feature length documentary, exploring the rise and decline of one of our nation’s most prominent Black communities through the narrative of three individuals. John, Mike, and Zarina, each represent a generational experience many Black Washingtonians faced over the past century.

For far too long, we have painted Washington DC with one brush and one narrative, depicting the city as a playground for political elites. What Happened 2 Chocolate City looks to unearth the multi-layered histories of Washington DC, the people that have been burdened by this American dream, and the disparities that exist between these two realities.

By visually examining the repercussions of urban development and revitalization in the district, WH2CC will uncover the roots of Washington, DC, a district home to GoGo music, Mumbo Sauce, and legions of black artists and academics, and how they’ve come to be endangered.