Three Minutes: A Lengthening

Director: Bianca Stigter

2022, USA, 1h 9m, PG

Cast: Helena Bonham Carter, Glenn Kurtz, Maurice Chandler

Sunday May 28th FREE!

Leslie Swift has worked at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum for more than 20 years, first in the Photo Archives and then in the Steven Spielberg Film and Video Archive, which houses the Museum’s extensive collection of archival film from the Holocaust period. From October 2014 to March 2022 she was Chief of the Film, Oral History, and Recorded Sound branch. She is currently the Museum’s Special Advisor on Time-Based Media. In 2009, she accepted the footage that is the subject of Three Minutes – A Lengthening from film donor Glenn Kurtz, and worked with Glenn to preserve and make it accessible.


Three Minutes – A Lengthening presents a home movie shot by David Kurtz in 1938 in a Jewish town in Poland and tries to postpone its ending. As long as we are watching, history is not over yet. The three minutes of footage, mostly in color, are the only moving images left of the Jewish inhabitants of Nasielsk before the Holocaust. The existing three minutes are examined to unravel the human stories hidden in the celluloid. The footage is imaginatively edited to create a film that lasts more than an hour.