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We’re grateful for everyone who has reached out to the Old Greenbelt Theatre to ask how they can support us during our temporary closure due to the coronavirus pandemic. Your support means the world to us. Your support will help OGT remain a vibrant center for cinema culture once this turbulent period is behind us. The show must go on—and it will, thanks to you.

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Memberships always provide you with 12 months of moviegoing magic. Your membership today helps us to weather this storm and provides you with three months of FREE streaming through MUBI. We are also working on additional partnerships to bring our members continued value while our physical location is closed.

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One of the best ways you can help support is to make a donation to cover the trips you would normally make to the movies. We set up a special page where you can donate the amount you would be spending on a trip to the movies; just a ticket, ticket and concessions, date night, or family night. You can also sign up to donate the cost of a ticket each week.

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As a reminder, the CARES Act enacted by Congress on March 27 includes generous new tax benefits for charitable giving. Read more here. If it’s in your means to support us generously at this time, we would be most grateful.


We’re offering virtual screenings of first-run films that would have played on our screen, along with opportunities to engage with our staff and special guests.

We offer a weekly Flick of the Week, where we recommend a film that’s easily available for online streaming, and we follow it up with a film discussion with OGT staff, volunteers, members and patrons. Film discussions happen every Sunday at 2 pm. You can see our current recommendation on our Flick of the Week page.

We are also partnering with film distributors to offer virtual screenings of first-run films—the films that we would be showing on our big screen if we were able to be open. You can view all we have to offer in first-run virtual screenings here.


Make sure to follow us on your preferred social platform. We’re on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. By following us, interacting with and sharing our content, you help it travel further to engage more patrons.


We’re looking for film reviews, reflections on the cinema experience, and more. If you love writing, sign up to blog with us here.

Support the Old Greenbelt Theatre
Help your local independent cinema!
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