Both Sides of the Blade

2022, 1 hr 56 min, NR

Sara (Binoche) and her husband Jean (Lindon) swim in the sea while on vacation, kissing and caressing one another. They return home to a wintry Paris, where Sara works as a radio presenter. Jean, a former professional rugby player with a prison record, is an absent father to his mixed-race teenage son Marcus (Perica), who lives in the custody of Jean’s mother Nelly (Ogier) in the banlieue of Vitry. One day, Sara glimpses her estranged ex-boyfriend François (Colin) on the street, flooding her with emotion. François, who was also once a close friend to Jean, is opening a sports agency to recruit young rugby players and contacts Jean to work with him as a talent scout. The re-entrance of François into their lives threatens the relationship Sara and Jean have had for ten years.