ATTENTION: Location Changes

The auditorium of the Old Greenbelt Theatre is now closed for an estimated four month renovation. Our Pop-up is ready to go, we are just waiting on final permitting.

In the meantime, we are screening our first-run films in the Greenbelt Community Center (Ground Floor East Suite) until further notice. Patrons can buy tickets and concessions items there.

Signs point the way from our theater to the location in the Greenbelt Community Center.

Check here regularly for updates.

GCC – GFES = Greenbelt Community Center Ground Floor East Suite (see map below calendar)
GCC – GYM = Greenbelt Community Center Gym (on the main floor of the center)

December 2018
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OC = Open Captioned – captioned dialogue appears on screen

Q&A = Guest Speaker event or other opportunity to ask questions after the film