Volunteer of the First Quarter: Stacia Woycheck

OGT is happy to announce our VIP Volunteer for the First Quarter of the year is Stacia Woycheck. Stacia joined our OGT volunteer team this January, and she’s jumped in with both feet. You’ll see her sunny smile at concessions, and we hope you’ve had the pleasure of reading some of her contributions to our OGT Spotlight Blog. Learn more about Stacia below.

Thanks for all you do for OGT, Stacia!

1) Why do you volunteer for OGT?

I fell in love with the uniqueness of the Old Greenbelt Theater years ago. That love led to my desire to volunteer and be an active participant in the theater’s operations. I strongly believe in the mission of the theater as a center for the community to experience cultural, educational and fun (!) film programming. Not only that, the popcorn is amazing!

2) What do you like best about volunteering?

I am a writer and I love coming up with ideas for the blog. I’ve learned a lot about films in a short time and I hope to entice viewers to come to OGT.

3) What is your favorite recent movie screened at OGT?

Love, Gilda. I became a fan of Gilda Radner at the ripe old age of seven! My mother let me stay up and watch Saturday Night Live. My favorite character is Roseanna Roseannadana.  I followed Gilda’s career and life until she died of ovarian cancer in 1989. If you’ve read my blog posts you know my favorite movies take me on an emotional rollercoaster. The documentary is a pure depiction of Gilda – hilarious and tragic.

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