The Pop-up at OGT: What’s with the delays?

We are grateful to all of our patrons who are waiting eagerly for the opening of our Pop-up cinema. Because we’re regularly getting questions, we wanted to write up some of the most frequently asked questions so you have answers on what’s up with the Pop-up and where you can continue to see films with us. Check back here for more questions or submit your own questions to

1. Are you open yet?

Not quite yet! While we’d hoped the transition from our main auditorium to our Pop-up would be seamless, it wouldn’t be a construction project without permitting hiccups. We’ve overcome one major permitting hurtle, and are dealing with just one more. The architect, contractor, and staff are working as quickly as possible to resolve the issue.

2. Are you still showing movies?

Yes! Friends of Greenbelt Theatre vowed to never go dark once we took over operations at Old Greenbelt Theatre, and we’re keeping our promise! We are still showing at least one show every day in the Greenbelt Community Center (15 Crescent Road, Greenbelt, MD 20770) in the Ground Floor East Suite. Check showtimes and locations on our calendar. The video below explains how to get from the Old Greenbelt Theatre to this alternative space. Tickets, limited concessions, and the film are all available in the Greenbelt Community Center, meaning there is no need to stop by the Old Greenbelt Theatre first.

3. Do you have an opening date for the Pop-up?

If only we were clairvoyant! We received incorrect information on one permitting issue a while back, and that’s now the holdup. We’re working to resolve the issue as fast as possible.

4. What about the accessibility features we’re used to? And the weekly open caption showing?

We are running films on a Blu-Ray player at the Greenbelt Community Center Ground Floor East Suite instead of on our normal DCP projector; without the Digital Cinema Package (DCP), we are unable to offer open caption (OC) screenings or other accessibility features like closed captioning (CC) and descriptive video service (DVS).

Once the Pop-up opens, please be assured we’ve installed more advanced assistive devices in that space than are even available in our main auditorium, so OC screenings, along with CC and DVS services at regular screenings, will resume and stay on the schedule (always depending on what the distributor provides to us) once we open the Pop-up.

5. What’s happening with the specialty series (☀️School’s Out!, ?Storytime on Screen, ?️Monday Matinees, and ?Stage on Screen)?

They are all still happening, but in a variety of locations. Pay close attention to the locations now listed with showtimes on our website.

  • ?Stage on Screen will be the only regular series that will remain on-site. Showtimes in July will be in the Pop-up.
  • ☀️School’s Out! Summer Series starts Tuesday, June 18 at 1 pm in the Greenbelt Community Center Gym. All showtimes for this series will be at the Gym. See more information here.
  • ?Storytime on Screen continues on June 24 at 10:30 am in the Greenbelt Community Center Ground Floor East Suite. This is Storytime on Screen’s home until the main auditorium reopens.
  • ?️Monday Matinees in July and August will be held in the Greenbelt Community Center Ground Floor East Suite. There will be no Monday Matinee in September due to the Greenbelt Labor Day Festival.

6. Where do I get the latest information about the Pop-up and showtimes?

You can always visit our website. Our calendar will always have the most updated showtimes and locations.
Follow us on Facebook to get up-to-the-minute updates (and photos of our auditorium as renovations proceed). Call us at 301-329-2034 or email us at with any questions.

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