OGT VIP Volunteer: Christine Wells!

Every six months, OGT picks a VIP volunteer. This is someone who in the prior six months has proved an indispensable part of our volunteer team or who has stepped up in a big way for us.

Photo of volunteer Christine Wells in front of the marqueeThis month, we chose Christine Wells as our VIP volunteer. During the lead-up to our big renovation and the opening of our Pop-up, Christine was volunteering with us on a near-weekly basis. Expired members may have heard her voice while she was making notification calls to make sure nobody missed our Pop-up Member Deal. She worked multiple tabling shifts at festivals and farmers markets to let patrons (and prospective patrons) know about the changes coming to OGT. And during our closure weekend, Christine is the only volunteer who supported every single event we held that weekend (the Goodbye Gala, the Rocky Horror Experience, and the Family Fun Day). The staff at OGT are so grateful for all the time she’s given us over the past few months.

Now, get to know Christine!

Q: Why do you volunteer for OGT?

A: I’ve always appreciated having OGT close by to see indie films not shown in the commercial theaters (my alternatives are theaters in DC and Annapolis). I love an actual ‘Big Screen’ as opposed to the smaller screens in the multiplex, and I love that it does not cost an arm and a leg to see a film.  I volunteer to keep these things going.

Q: What do you like best about volunteering?

A: I enjoy talking with the patrons, and potential patrons. I lean toward the shy side…this helps bring me out of my shell.

Q: What is your favorite recent movie screened at OGT?

A: My two favorite recent movies screened at OGT are Can You Ever Forgive Me? and A Star Is Born.

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