OGT Picks the Oscars: Kelly’s Picks

We asked our moviegoers, patrons, members, and donors who they would vote for if they were picking the Oscars. And while we are compiling the results, we wanted to share with you some of our staff member’s picks.

Next up is Kelly McLaughlin, our Director of Marketing and Development. See who Kelly picked as her “bests” and why.

Best Picture: Roma

I loved Roma so much. I’ve spent a lot of time in Mexico, and the total immersive experience that was Roma totally took me back to Mexico. I also loved this film because of how “mundane” it was–which I know was why it was off-putting to some. I think we sometimes want movies to be so different or an escape from daily life, and I think this film really questioned what is so bad or unexciting about day-to-day life? Our own lives are exciting enough. Our daily experiences deserve to be celebrated.

Best Actor in a Leading Role: Rami Malek, Bohemian Rhapsody

I thought the work Malek did in this film was remarkable. It’s one thing to make the actor look and sound like the person they are portraying (which he did incredibly effectively). But Malek had to MOVE like Freddie Mercury. It’s a tall order to move like Mercury, who was a total icon and original. As a dancer, embodying someone else’s entire movement quality is an intimidating and difficult task, and Malek NAILED IT in my opinion.

Best Actor in a Supporting Role: Richard E. Grant, Can You Ever Forgive Me?

I loved this movie, and I am so shocked it wasn’t nominated for more. I really enjoyed Richard E. Grant’s work in this film. He did what a supporting actor should do…he juxtaposed his lead actress and helped her shine. He was hilarious in his own right, but he didn’t steal the show. It was perfect.

Best Actress in a Leading Role: Melissa McCarthy, Can You Ever Forgive Me?

Here again, I just loved this movie. I was a huge fan of Melissa McCarthy in her early career (think Gilmore Girls days), and she’s really lost me over the past few years as she’s chosen silly comedy over serious acting. I was so excited to see her take on this dramatic role, and I think she knocked it out of the park. There was something amazing about taking such a reprehensible person, make you fall in love with her, and actually root for her in the end.

Best Actress in a Supporting Role: Regina King, If Beale Street Could Talk

Okay, here’s a little secret. The staff often doesn’t get to see all the movies we show because we’re so busy making the theater run, and If Beale Street Could Talk is the one I’m most disappointed that I missed. That said, I did sneak into the auditorium a few times to watch scenes of it, and Regina King totally shone in every scene I did see.

Best Animated Feature Film: Incredibles 2

Maybe this is a conventional choice, but this is my sentimental choice. The original Incredibles is my husband’s favorite movie, and I’m a sucker for anything super-hero related. We dressed up as The Incredibles for Halloween with our daughter. So this is my family choice.

Best Cinematography: Cold War

Cold War was definitely one of my favorite film’s I’ve seen recently, and that was in large part due to the cinematography. The framing was lovely, and the camera angles contributed a lot to the feel of the film. More so than the others in this category, I felt like the cinematography made this film.

Best Costume Design: Black Panther

I loved the costumes in this film. They put so much thought and intentionality into the costumes. I read so many articles about the research they did on African textiles and tribal attire, and incorporated it into the costumes in important and subtle ways. It’s one thing to costume real-world stories by researching the attire of the time/place, but it’s completely another to take real cultural attire and then turn it into a meaningful backdrop for a fictional world.

Best Directing: Roma

I’ll be transparent here and say that Alfonso Cuarón was one of my favorite directors already before I saw Roma. But I think he did some really remarkable work with this film, and it’s one of his best works.

Best Documentary Feature: Free Solo

Honesty: this is the only one of the documentaries I had a chance to catch, but I loved it. It was terrifying and inspiring all at the same time.

Best Documentary Short Subject: Period. End of Sentence.

Most of the documentaries in the short subject category this year were pretty depressing, and I found this one uplifting and inspiring. I spent the entire time smiling. It was funny, but still tackled an important subject. I really enjoyed it.

Best Film Editing: Bohemian Rhapsody

This film worked so well, the editing was seamless. I particularly loved the scenes that brought together multiple performances and spliced them together.

Best Foreign Language Film: Cold War

I said this earlier, but Cold War was one of my favorite films this year. Since I voted for Roma for best picture overall, I would hate to see it overshadow Cold War in this category. (To be honest, I’d vote for Cold War for best picture overall if it was a nominee, so at least I can give it to the film in this category.)

Best Makeup and Hairstyling: Mary Queen of Scots

I’ll echo what Caitlin said in her post, I thought the transformation of Margot Robbie throughout this film was incredible.

Best Original Score: Black Panther

The music in this film was incredible. I love film scores (fun fact: I listen to them on Spotify while I work). This one I noticed while watching the film, and it was one of the things I liked most about the film.

Best Original Song: “I’ll Fight,” RBG

I love a girl power anthem, and this is a totally great one.

Best Production Design: Black Panther

As I said with costuming, I think so much care was taken to research African cultures to inspire the design, but in the end they created something entirely original. It worked so seamlessly and was so incredibly inventive. Loved it.

Best Animated Short Film: Bao

I thought this film was just too cute. That’s really all I have to say about it.

Best Live Action Short Film: Madre

The film setup was so simple. It’s just a mom on the phone with her son who is lost and can’t find his father. But it takes you through so many emotions. It was so simple, but incredibly powerful.

Best Sound Editing: First Man

I was really surprised this film didn’t get nominated for more. I think so much care was put into the film, especially the small details of the NASA tech at the time, and I think they did a good job with creating the sounds that reflected those small, interesting details.

Best Sound Mixing: Bohemian Rhapsody

The sound mixing on this was so well done. It was really complex, balancing music (the original Queen music and the music they were creating for the film) and the other sounds in the film.

Best Visual Effects: Avengers: Infinity War

I said before, I’m a sucker for super-hero films. I thought Infinity War was really fun to watch because of a lot of the visual effects.

Best Adapted Screenplay: Can You Ever Forgive Me?

I loved this movie, and I think it was brilliantly written. It had so many great lines, and I think taking two fairly odious persons and turning them into people you’d really want to hang out with was an interesting task. It puts the viewer in an oddly uncomfortable place, and I thought it was brilliantly done.

Best Original Screenplay: Roma

I picked this as my favorite screenplay for the same reason I picked it for Best Picture. I appreciated how “mundane” the film was, but it was done with such great love. It was telling a real-life story with incredible reverence. And it did a good job showing that daily life can itself be poignant and important subject matter.

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