OGT Community Recommends: THE BIRDS

This piece is part of a series of blog posts from OGT volunteers recommending films they love for you to watch from home.

By Christine Wells

As a good will gesture during the COVID-19 Quarantine, my broadband service provider gave customers several weeks of free channels. Translation…I got to view some channels that I am not subscribed to.

I saw films that I loved but had not seen in years, like The Station Agent, and Benny & Joon. I also saw Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds, which I had not seen since childhood. 

It took me right back to my first viewing. As I recall, it was a little scary for a 6-year-old; especially during the walk home from the theater. My older sister continuously pointed out all the birds gathered on the telephone wires above us, and the ones staring down from roof tops, and the ones hopping around on the ground. Boy-oh-boy, was that a long walk home! 

That experience was a nod to Alfred Hitchcock’s trademark ability to capture, and scare his audience without today’s high definition, special effects, and gore. Although it was not so scary this time around, it was definitely just as enjoyable.

Find out where to watch The Birds.


As a kid children’s classics like Mary Poppins were the norm. As a teen, going to the movies consisted of a group of friends viewing horror flicks (if it did not make us jump, squirm, or scream in terror, it was considered a dud). As a young adult, movie going evolved into a more personal experience. It became a means to view the world through various lenses.  Lenses that presented points of view that differed from my own. I also enjoy books, music, and animals. Dogs are my favorite animal, followed by Alpacas (not llamas), and more recently Ferrets have been added to the list (not sure about all Ferrets, but loved the ones I met while volunteering with “Echoes Of Nature”).

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