NEW PRODUCT: OGT now carries J. Elise Tea

The Old Greenbelt Theatre is proud to feature concessions items from local businesses, and we are excited to announce that J. Elise Tea is joining the lineup, along with Zeke’s Coffee, Baba’s Brew, Dundalk Dan’s Beef Jerky, and other local favorites.

J. Elise Tea beverage company was founded in 2016 under the health and wellness company umbrella, Figure 8 Strategies, LLC by Ellarose Preston. Ellarose is a health and wellness advocate with a masters in nutrition and integrative health. Wholistic health and healing has always been a way of life for her and her family. We are excited to feature her healthy and delicious teas at our concessions stand.

We invite you to get to know Ellarose and her teas better, so you know the full story behind her teas. Then give them a try next time you’re at the Theater!

Q: Who are you, and what should we know about your teas?

A: I am Ellarose Preston, health and wellness advocate and TeaEO of J. Elise Tea. We produce artisanal bottled teas that are healthy and delicious. This is our third year of operation and we are in three retail locations so far. The company is named after my beloved aunt Jamila Elise, who passed on a few years ago. Our two current flavors are Heartea Hibiscus (sweet & unsweet), and Royaltea (white tea with lemon balm & pineapple).

Q: What got you started making teas?

A: I grew up making tea for refreshment and for healing. Naturally as I got older, this was something that stayed with me. Besides enjoying iced tea for social gatherings I have enjoyed the many healing properties of tea and herbal tea throughout my life. At a time when I was challenged by hypertension, hibiscus tea was one of the  things that helped me lower my blood pressure to a healthy range, along with other lifestyle changes.

Q: What’s unique about your product?

A: I would say the taste is unique. Many of the hibiscus beverages out right now are not as robust as mine. It is very flavorful. Additionally, the health qualities of my tea are very beneficial: heart healthy, packed with vitamin c, helps mood, keeps away cold and flu symptoms.

Q: What will our patrons love about your tea?

A: People love J. Elise Tea because of the delicious flavor and the health benefits. It’s a win-win situation. Your patrons will love it because it is very refreshing, all natural, and locally produced.

Q: How long have you been in Greenbelt?

A: I’ve lived in Greenbelt for about four years, but have been in this area for about 20 years since moving from my hometown of Detroit. (We at OGT want to point out J. Elise Tea is produced in the community kitchen over at the Greenbelt Community Center, so your tea comes fresh from just across a parking lot! Fresh, delicious, and helps reduce your carbon footprint!)

Q: Why did you want to partner with OGT?

A: I thought it would be a great opportunity to  work with a local community-based organization. I also think the patrons of OGT would match well with my company.

Q: What’s your favorite movie? And does anyone drink tea in it? 

A: Hmmm. My favorite movie is Sparkle and I don’t recall anyone drinking tea in that movie. ?

Learn more about Ellarose and J. Elise Tea on their website.J. Elise Tea Logo

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