Member Spotlight: Michael G. Stewart & Julie Boynton

The Old Greenbelt Theatre Members are pretty amazing, and we want to tell the world! So we have started a blog series shining a spotlight on a specific member. Thank you to our 1,000+ members–we can’t do this without you! Want to join? Fill out a membership form today.


Michael G. Stewart & Julie Boynton (filled out by Michael)
City/Town of Residence
Berwyn Heights, Maryland
How long have you been a member of the Old Greenbelt Theatre?
1 year+
What is your favorite part of being a member?
Great programming, close & wonderful neighborhood feel
What were some of your favorite movies or events that you attended at the theater?
“Hidden Figures” event w/ speakers
How long have you been coming to the Old Greenbelt Theatre?
47 years
Please share some of your favorite memories of the theater! As a teenager growing up in the Greenbelt & University Park areas, the Old Greenbelt Theater was one of the major movie haunts of my youth. At the time, Parkdale High School had the first accredited filmmaking course in the state, if not the country. Coming from a 3rd generation photographic family & being a budding artist/photographer, this was a huge deal at the time. Like most young people of the era, music and social activism was also an important aspect of our lives, so when George Harrison’s ground breaking “Concert for Bangladesh” film was released, we all rushed to queue up for tickets at The Old Greenbelt Theater to be the first to see this amazing film! As I recall, a certain sweet smokey haze filled the theater during the run of this film, but it left a lasting impression these 45 years later. My wife, Julie and I are members, and come as often as we can, rarely missing a single film, as the programming is so wonderfully eclectic and artistically rich. As is so typical of Greenbelt, there is rarely a time when we don’t encounter old friends, or make new ones whenever we drop in at the OGT. Thanks & Kudos to Caitlin & all the staff for keeping a great neighborhood theater thriving. ( …and while it was definitely a part of the theater-going experience back in the day, we don’t miss the sticky floor & seats at all! )

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