Member Spotlight: Dr. Gettie Audain & Denna Lambert

The Old Greenbelt Theatre Members are pretty amazing, and we want to tell the world! So we have started a blog series shining a spotlight on a specific member. Thank you to our 1,000+ members–we can’t do this without you! Want to join? Fill out a membership form today.
Dr. Gettie Audain & Denna Lambert (submitted by Dr. Gettie Audain)
City/Town of Residence
Old Greenbelt, MD
How long have you been a member of the Old Greenbelt Theatre?
1.5 years
What is your favorite part of being a member?
Enjoying my neighbors and watching movies, elections, and listening to lectures
What were some of your favorite movies or events that you attended at the theater?
“Hidden Figures”, “A United Kingdom”, “The Big Short”
How long have you been coming to the Old Greenbelt Theatre?
1.5 years
Please share some of your favorite memories of the theater! Meeting up with Denna Lambert (on the right in photo) at the Theater to see “Hidden Figures”. Denna Lambert and I met for the first time as neighbors 2 years ago in May! We are both proud members of Greenbelt Theatre members too. The photo you’re looking at is on the day that we both decided to see “Hidden Figures”. The line was long and all the way a few feet from the entrance of New Deal Cafe. We talked to more neighbors while we waited in line. What made things even more special is that Denna works as a Project Manager at NASA and she agreed to see it a second time with me. We thoroughly enjoyed the movie. Denna didn’t have to miss a beat because the theater has what it takes for the seeing impaired. It’s really a great feeling to be a part of a community rich in character and history. We love to support a beacon of light like the Greenbelt Theatre!

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