Going Beyond the Screen

When I started Friends of Greenbelt Theatre, I had a vision. I wanted to take this beautiful treasure of a historic cinema and turn it into a hub for film history and film education in Prince George’s County. As you know, the Old Greenbelt Theatre has come a long way since the Friends of Greenbelt Theatre took over operations.

But to truly make good on our mission, we have always had bigger plans.

In a classic demonstration of the phrase “rising tides lift all boats,” this incredible new opportunity for the Old Greenbelt Theatre presents exciting new possibilities for other Greenbelt organizations, chief among them the Greenbelt MakerSpace, The Space, and the Greenbelt Museum. OGT is proud to be working with these organizations to not only make our organization better, but to make Greenbelt greater!

If you like OGT today, you’re going to love us in a few months. What’s happening? We’re taking you “Beyond the Screen.” Click here to learn more.

See you at the movies!
Caitlin McGrath
Executive Director
Friends of Greenbelt Theatre

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