Going Beyond the Screen

When I started Friends of Greenbelt Theatre, I had a vision. I wanted to take this beautiful treasure of a historic cinema and turn it into a hub for film history and film education in Prince George’s County. As you know, the Old Greenbelt Theatre has come a long way...


OGT Spotlight

OGT Spotlight

Tammy Hurley: Why I’m a Part of OGT

By Tammy Hurley, OGT Volunteer Concessions Team Leader I knew about the theater before I moved to Greenbelt in 2016.  I had no idea of its background or it being non-profit. I did know it showed the kind of movies I was interested in seeing, which was really good enough for me. When I moved […]

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OGT Spotlight

“Watching a Movie” and “Going to the Movies” Are Different Animals

Watching a movie… on your phone, iPad, or other personal screen means privacy, control, independence.  You can press stop, pause, or play, rewind or fast forward. You can adjust the volume and brightness, or add captions.  You can watch anytime of day or night, anywhere you like. You can be alone, or sitting next to […]

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OGT Spotlight

Independent Movie Theaters are the Stuff Community is Made Of

By Kelly McLaughlin, OGT Director of Marketing & Development I’ve always loved movies. I come by it almost genetically. My father taught film production at various universities during my childhood, and I grew up on a steady diet of indie, niche, and foreign films: The Last Unicorn and The Point being probably the two most […]

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