Loving Vincent
Release date:
1 hours 35 minutes
Dorota Kobiela, Hugh Welchman


This feature-length painted animation — the first film of its kind — explores the life and unusual death of Vincent Van Gogh via depictions of his artworks. Mystery surrounds the death of famed painter Vincent van Gogh in 1890 France.

Mar. 2, Fri. 5:30 PM
Mar. 3, Sat. 5:30 PM
Mar. 4, Sun. 8:00 PM
Mar. 5, Mon. 5:30 PM
Mar. 6, Tues. 5:30 PM
Mar. 7, Wed. 5:30 PM
Mar. 8, Thurs. 5:30 PM

Trailer: https://youtu.be/CGzKnyhYDQI

  • Gina A. Oliva

    Can you pls show this one with open captions pls pls pls

    • greenbelttheatre

      Hi Gina,

      If the studio does not make it with captions, we’re unable to show it with captions unfortunately. It’s simply not built into the file because they didn’t pay a captioning service to have it available. The DC Deaf Movie goer group often lobbies film studios to have captions available for their movies. You could contact them at dc.deaf.moviegoers@gmail.com and have them contact the studio on your behalf.


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